What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies are extracts mainly taken from flowers. They are used to treat emotional aspects in both people and animals and can help to change negative emotions to ones of a more positive nature. The remedies are known world-wide, and have been in use for a considerable time. Most people are aware of and have used RESCUE REMEDY, but did you know there are actually 38 remedies in total from which to choose!

The BACH FLOWER REMEDIES were created in the 1930’s by Edward Bach, a Harley Street Practitioner, who had also studied homeopathy? Even in those days he was aware of the connection the emotions had on physical conditions. In this respect he was way ahead of his time.

This beautiful picture shows the eventual home of Dr Bach – in a little village called Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Oxfordshire. This photo of Mount Vernon is by permission of the Bach Centre. www.bachcentre.com.

Apart from using the remedies for people, I have always been interested in animals and their reactions to different things. Like people, each animal is an individual with its own emotions, and it seemed a natural follow up for me therefore to do the animal course as well. To gain as much information as possible over the years I have attended various animal courses and workshops, all of which have helped to give me an additional insight into how emotions, eg fear, anxiety, loneliness, jealousy, and in some cases sheer terror can influence behaviour.

I went on to take the Bach Animal Practitioner course run by The Natural Animal Centre in Carmarthen and am now on the International Register at the Bach Centre (BFRP). I work with animals under veterinary referral. Please note that your vet is your first point of contact in relation to any concern you have about your animal’s health and well-being. Also, that Bach Flower Remedies do not replace medical or veterinary attention as the case may be.