During a Treatment

On your first visit I will ask you about your medical history, health and general lifestyle.

Then using thumb and finger massage I will then begin to work on your feet, noting any problem areas. There may be a slight discomfort or tenderness in some areas, but this will be momentary and may well indicate congestion or imbalance in the body. No two people are alike and the sensitivity of the feet will therefore vary from one person to another.

A treatment will last approximately three-quarters of an hour, at the end of which you should feel nice and relaxed and your feet warm. A course of treatment varies in length depending on the body’s needs.  Following a session or two your body may well respond in a certain way. For example you may feel very relaxed, or slightly lethargic or even emotional.

Occasionally, you may find there may even be a brief recurrence of a previous problem. Should this occur it is of a very short duration. On the other hand, after a treatment many people find they have more energy, feel brighter in themselves and are sleeping better.

Everyone is an individual and will therefore respond slightly differently. It should be stressed here that if you have any health issues your first contact should always be with your medical practice.  Reflexologists do not prescribe or diagnose, that is the task of the doctor. In certain circumstances it may be inappropriate to carry out a treatment, so please enquire when making a booking.

Within a 24-48 hour period after a treatment you may experience the following symptoms, eg a need to go to the toilet more frequently, tiredness, or a headache, for as mentioned previously no two people respond in exactly the same way to a treatment. During this period try to drink a non-carbonated water, and avoid alcohol and spicy foods.