Please find below just a few of the comments I have received:

Amid my normally hectic and often stressful lifestyle, being involved both with my own and my grand-childrens’ activities I was feeling tired and my energy levels were low. I cannot emphasise enough the benefit I had from receiving a series of reflexology treatments from Stefanja.  She picked up on several problems I was having, which we talked through and consequently I felt a calmness and a sense of well being.
After just one treatment I felt full of energy and get up and go.
I have lived with the symptoms of MS for thirty years and have been a fan of reflexology for many years. Reflexology targets all parts of the body and as I have a wide variety of symptoms I feel it is giving a gentle ‘massage’ to all the damaged parts of my body. Some therapies seem to be too powerful for me but reflexology stimulates without being too aggressive. It is a very gentle and relaxing way to spend an hour and I like to rest afterwards for a while to give my body a chance to settle down and benefit from the treatment.